NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. has decided to part ways with his 1999 Corvette Callaway C12. Purchased in 2004, this C12 is number 18 of 19 total built by Callaway, and is bathed in a stunning BMW 287 Blue Pearl 3-step Glasurit finish. To match it’s radial looks, the C12 was fitted with a bored out 6.2 liter V-8, coil-over suspension with adjustable dampers, and a 373 rear end, all of which went for roughly $200,000 when new.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Callaway C12


If your eBay account is active, and you fancy this powerhouse in your collection, you better bid now as the auction closes in just a few short days. Currently the auction is at a “reserver not met” price $70,700, with 175 bids.

If you’re willing to make the journey to Moorseville, North Carolina, Dale Jr. will hand you the keys and autograph the car in person. While all that sounds great, if I was the winning bidder I’d want to get those seats refurbished by the likes of a Caravaggio, and rip out the tacky 90’s audio system.

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