08 Jul 2014

Tuner Vorsteiner Gets To Work On The New BMW M3/M4

BMW’s Motorsport heritage runs deep, very deep, and comes with a very loyal following. To some of these loyalists, modifying a car like the new BMW M3 & M4 is sacrilegious, but to many it’s the ultimate form of automotive expression. The all-new BMW M3 & M4 have been on US showroom

2015 BMW X6
02 Jul 2014

2015 BMW X6 Details and Photos

The BMW X6 has been totally redesigned for the 2015 model year with a sportier and more muscular look. The interior has also been upgraded on the company’s niche selling crossover. “The design of the new BMW X6 body combines the robust presence of a BMW Sports Activity Vehicle with

27 Jun 2014

Face-Off Friday: Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class vs BMW 2 Series

It has been one luxurious week here on Speedlist, so it’s only right that we finish it off with a plush Face-Off Friday. Today’s battle is between a pair of small sporty luxury coupes, the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and the BMW 2-Series. How many good things can come in such a

17 Jun 2014

Top 10 Infotainment Systems

Recently, SpeedList took a good look at the new interiors that certain models had to offer. Today we are taking an even closer look at those features by checking out the top infotainment systems on the market. Ford’s MyFord Touch MyFord Touch isn’t exactly perfect, however it has so many

12 Jun 2014

Top 3 Most Searched Luxury Wagons on SpeedList

Station wagons may not be the most popular segment in the states, but they certainly offer their fair share of utility, and an alternative to a crossover or larger SUV. Utility, however, can still come in a nice package, and today we’re checking offerings that are on the market for

2015 Cadillac Escalade
10 Jun 2014

Top 10 Redesigned Luxury Interiors You’ll See This Year.

Designing a luxury car places focus on comfort, convenience and technology and how easily a driver can access or experience these things. As esthetic design goes, it is often overlooked, despite the fact that it’s where we spend our time with the car. So today we’re shifting focus from engine

04 Jun 2014

2015 BMW X4: Pics and Details

The all-new BMW X4 has made its way into the German automakers lineup. Based on the X3, the X4 offers up two variants that are still uniquely their own in both design and features. The X4 xDrive28i is powered by a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder engine that produces 240hp,

02 Jun 2014

2014 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe: Pics and Details

BMW has recently launched a four-door variant of the 4-series coupe, bringing the all-new 4-Series Gran Coupe to its showroom floors. The design concept for the model is to bring the sportiness of the coupe and the convenience of a sedan together in one car. “Taking its cue from a

22 May 2014

What’s a better buy? Porsche Macan S or BMW X4 xDrive28i

Porsche and BMW have both recently introduced new models into their line-ups. The Porsche Macan S and the BMW X4 xDrive28i are both entries into the compact SUV segment, but with all those attractive looks and luxury on the table it can be tough to decide. Today we’re going to

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class
06 May 2014

Top 10 Luxury Cars Under 35K

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about affordable luxury. If adjustable leather seating and heads up displays are what you’re after, this list is for you. We’ve got the best highlights of each model to make it easy to narrow down your selection. Acura ILX Attainable for well under