Say you’re hanging out at Dunkin Donuts with your friend and having a hot cup of coffee. Knowing that you are the expert on cars, he asks “Hey, I’m in the market for a new car but I’m looking for a reliable car brand that offers a vehicle that will last for miles and years.”

Of course, being the car expert that you are you mention Honda and Toyota as the most reliable brands – however there are some other ones that you might be surprised that can last close to a lifetime. According to a recent study done by The Cheat Sheet, known as the #1 Social Media Influencer on Wall Street according to Forbes, brands like Mazda and Dodge also make the list.

Check it out for yourself.

Top 10 Most Reliable Car Brands:

  1. Toyota: Vehicles last for for 210,705 miles on average.
  2. Honda: Vehicles last for for 209,001 miles on average.
  3. Ford: Vehicles last for for 198,409 miles on average.
  4. Dodge: Vehicles last for for 198,266 miles on average.
  5. Chevrolet: Vehicles last for for 195,754 miles on average.
  6. Nissan: Vehicles last for for 195,593 miles on average.
  7. Subaru: Vehicles last for for 189,370 miles on average.
  8. GMC: Vehicles last for for 188,584 miles on average.
  9. Acura: Vehicles last for for 178,947 miles on average.
  10. Mazda: Vehicles last for for 177,729 miles on average
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