13 Sep 2017

Hot sport coupes you can buy new for around $30,000

Coupes are the classic serious performance car. Convertibles are great, but with a roof your car is stiffer, safer, and often lighter. Coupes also attract far less unwelcome attention on the road and of course, they’re a lot more fun in the rain. But because they don’t sell well, coupes don’t

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23 Apr 2014

Three Most Searched Luxury Coupes On SpeedList

Audi A5  Audi’s A5 coupe is powered by a 220-hp 2.0-liter TFSI turbocharged engine. Its distinctively Audi design is refined on the outside and has a sport-driven and simplistic interior. The German automaker offers 3-zone automatic climate control,  a multi-function sport steering wheel, a panoramic tilting sunroof, leather seating with

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