Ferrari 308s are…nice. People are down with V-8 Ferraris now and Magnum, P.I. made the 308 cool, but it never had the same star power as a V-12. That meant there was an audience of Ferrari buyers who were interested in owning a 308, but wanted to stand out like a V-12 owner. And while you’d have a hard time convincing yourself to modify an $85,000 512 BB, your 308 GTB was a $30,000 car, about the same as a Jaguar XJ-S. Customisers and tuners like König were there.

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Koenig_06_1

König (sometimes Koenig) is best known for high-end wheels today but they have a serious racing heritage and for many years built cars, as well. For your 308 GTB, they would go mild (bolt-on body kit) to wild (full turbo conversions). This car, at a March Auctions America sale, appears to be on the “mild” side, but looks as though it was actually done in-house by König, as opposed to coming out of their parts catalog. It’s not really a widebody, although it does have a great body kit with those huge flares over two-piece BBS wheels, custom interior and who knows how many mechanical things. For me, it totally transforms the elegant 308 GTB into a seriously tough boy racer. In fact, it gives me the urge to call up some buddies and just say “Gumball.”

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Koenig_19_1

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Koenig

photos Darin Schnabel © 2015 Auctions America

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