After a long, cold winter not much sounds better than basking in the sun. With summer right around the corner you might be interested in trading in your sedan for a convertible, or picking up an extra ride just in time for the summer months. Here’s our top picks that let you loose the top without loosing your shirt.

1. Chevrolet Camaro Convertible (Starting at $31,005)

Why we like it: The Chevrolet Camaro offers up a nostalgic flair in its design and packs 323hp (base model) for plenty of wind in your hair. On rainy days the power-folding soft top still manages to keep the essence of the original design.

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2. Ford Mustang Convertible (Starting at $27,510)

Why we like it: The Ford Mustang Convertible, like the Camaro is another updated classic, although the 2015 redesign is quite different from its predecessor. A 305hp engine couples with adjustable steering modes and interesting details like sequential tail lights for a bit of show and go. You loose a bit of the lines with the soft-top up on this one, but its still noticeably Mustang.

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3. Volkswagen EOS (Starting at $35,595)

Why we like it: The hard top convertible Eos is the first of its kind to offer a power sunroof as well, so its very unique in the sense that when the top is up, you might forget it goes down. It’s a bit slower than the others but at 200hp that’s still enough to get your where you want to go fast.

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4. Chrysler 200 Convertible (Starting at $27,950)

Why we like it: Options. The Chrysler 200 Convertible comes standard with a power soft top, but a retractable hard top is also available. It also has a roomier back seat than most, so if you like to bring your friends and family along on your open-air adventures this is a good pick.

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5. Mazda Miata (Starting at $23,720)

Why we like it: Although the Mazda MX-5 Miata is the lightest on power, at 167hp, it offers a soft or retractable hard top like the Eos. Despite the drop in power this model is tiny, light, and sport engineered so it will hold the road well and be a fun ride. It has also won a ton of awards, and offers plenty of technology and comfort options.

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All these models offer plenty for their price tags right from the base model. The Eos is going to give you the most, but it does have a higher starting price. The engine isn’t the quickest but you still get that sturdy Volkswagen drive, while the Camaro and the Mustang might not hug the road so tightly. This is not to say they don’t have their advantages, however, because both these models offer over 300hp to start, are a lot of fun to drive and come standard with enough technology. The retractable hard tops that come on the Miata, 200 and Eos make them great options for a year-round daily driver, as well. The Miata MX-5 comes in as a safe bet with a great reputation and history behind it.

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