30 Dec 2014

Top 10 American Sports Cars You Can Buy Right Now

It’s a great time to be American! It seems Detroit automakers are pumping out some of the hottest sports cars we’ve seen in a while and we’re very excited about. New cars like the award-winning 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 2015 Ford Mustang GT and the new 707-hp Dodge Challenger SRT

24 Jul 2014

3 Most Searched High-Performance American Sedans on SpeedList

High-performance sedans seem easier and easier to obtain with our wonderful American manufacturers offering the most bang-for-your-buck high-horsepower sedans in their lineup. The SpeedList team wanted to see what were the most searched ‘affordable’ high-performance sedans on our website and they all turned out to be American. Detroit just doesn’t mess around anymore.

2014 Chevrolet SS
23 Jul 2014

2015 Chevrolet SS Gets Manual Transmission and Magnetic Ride Control

Search for a new Chevrolet SS on SpeedList The new 2014 Chevrolet SS is an outstanding performance sedan offering a 415 horsepower for a mere $44,475. However there was always one thing missing – a manual transmission. The 2014 Chevrolet SS is powered by a LS3 Chevrolet V8 making 415-hp and